girl_main Welcome to the Academy of Learning
Choosing the proper course of action is easy when one understands the differences between today’s training providers.
What makes us stand apart?
At Academy of Learning, we believe the answer is a strong, relevant curriculum, supported by ongoing research, state of the art equipment, qualified staff and an extended network of post-secondary schools-all of which are supported, in turn, by a large dedicated team of Franchisor professionals.
Members of this team ensure that every aspect of training and product development adheres to a rigid set of uniform standards are regularly reviewed and upgraded.
Our Franchisor team ensures that these standards are met and our guidelines followed at each of the more then 60 Academy of Learning post-secondary colleges across Canada.
These days, when quality training is not only important but essential to career success, Academy of Learning stands out as a training provider that can be relied on by individuals, business and government.
Academy of Learning Winnipeg