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3 Career Opportunities to Pursue After Accounting Programs
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3 Career Opportunities to Pursue After Accounting Programs

Accounting programs offer learners various career opportunities across multiple industries. That’s because Accounting makes up an integral aspect of nearly every business, creating demand as well as job stability. Those interested in studying Accounting can complete their training and gain the necessary skills for success, choosing the career path that best suits their personal and professional goals. 

The moment when you’re ready to graduate and take the next step can be overwhelming, but it also holds the promise of something new and exciting. After completing one of our Accounting programs, you’ll be able to embark on a new journey that leads you closer to your ideal career. With this future in mind, you can explore different career opportunities and take your next step with newfound confidence. Here’s a closer look at some of your career prospects.

1. Gain Key Responsibilities as an Accounting Bookkeeper 

Once you complete your Accounting training, you can consider becoming an Accounting Bookkeeper. In this role, you’ll be in charge of maintaining accurate books on accounts payable and receivable, keeping records of accounts, as well as verifying the methods and procedures used for recording transactions.

You can rely on the training you receive through your Accounting programs to complete key tasks and responsibilities, giving you a strong foundation of business concepts as well as the chance to develop computerized accounting and office skills. This will allow you to work with statistical and accounting data and digital bookkeeping systems with more confidence. By pursuing this career, you’ll have the ability to explore opportunities in the private and public sectors and self-employment.

Learners need to develop key organization skills and basic business knowledge when pursuing Accounting careers

2. Discover New Opportunities by Being an Accounting Administrative Assistant

As an Accounting Administrative Assistant, you’ll be working on various clerical tasks to support the Accounting department. This may include fact-checking and assisting with audits, and data entry, as well as preparing reports and budgets. You may also work with industry-standard computerized accounting systems, such as Sage 50 Premium Accounting and QuickBooks Premier, which are covered in your Accounting training. 

You’ll need to depend on solid multitasking and time management skills in this position. The role also requires a high level of efficiency, organization, and communication. Having those skills and a basic understanding of business and accounting principles allows you to position yourself as a strong candidate when exploring Accounting careers.

3. Become a Payroll Accountant after Your Accounting and Payroll Training

Payroll Accountants are tasked with processing salary payments for those employed at companies in both the private and public sectors. They often coordinate the efforts made by Accounting and Payroll Clerks and Administrators—implementing efficient working processes, authorizing routine payments and transactions, submitting reports, and preparing tax reports as requested by law, to name a few responsibilities. 

By completing your Accounting and Payroll training, you’ll have gained the necessary skills and knowledge to succeed in this role. In addition to studying payroll practices and procedures, you’ll learn best practices for business correspondence, office procedures, and management fundamentals. This way, you’ll be prepared to apply to the Canadian Payroll Association (CPA) to earn your Payroll Administrator and Payroll Supervisor certification.

These different career paths offer you the opportunity to pursue your passion, allowing you to explore promising careers for your future professional development. Making the investment to start your Accounting program ensures that you get the support you need to become career-ready after a short training period.

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