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Did you know that over 30% of our students first learn about our college through a student referral? It’s true.

Academy of Learning Career College understands that our most valuable assets are our quality of service and “Word of Mouth” referrals. We encourage you to join in inviting more students to our college who would benefit from our life-changing educational programs.

Like any business, we spend a good portion of our budget on advertising and promoting the benefits of our programs and services to our potential clients. Rather than spending the money this way, we would rather reward our students and alumni directly by referring friends, family, or colleagues to Academy of Learning.

To refer a friend, please contact us, or fill the form below.

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How It Works

1. To receive a student referral payment, the person you refer must enroll in and commence a Diploma Program or licensed Certificate Program for at least 30 days.
2. If a referred student enrolls in a Diploma Program, the referring person is entitled to $300 cash.
3. This reward offer is valid to any presently enrolled or former Academy of Learning students.
4. The Declaration of Referral is to be submitted at the time of enrollment.

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