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3 Cutting Edge Podcasts for Accounting Students
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3 Cutting Edge Podcasts for Accounting Students

In every thriving Canadian business and company, there’s a skilled Accountant at the helm—performing the essential financial tasks each one needs to succeed. And with the right training, you can find yourself in one of these secure and rewarding Accounting careers. Broad-based training will help you on your way. So will positioning yourself at the cutting edge of the industry, by keeping up with Accounting news and trends via modern media like podcasts.

Podcasts are particularly useful for Accounting students because not only do they offer you a wealth of knowledge and connect you with other people passionate about this career path, they bring it all directly to you through quick, convenient soundbites that you can listen to while multitasking, anywhere you are. Take these podcasts with you to boost your Accounting knowledge on the go:

1. The Bean Counter

In the podcast’s own words: “The Bean Counter is your guide, whether you’re in college looking for your first job, or crushing it at your full-time career.”

Their library of over 100 episodes includes a wide range of useful topics, like how to balance your accounting school work with your home life, how to negotiate your salary after you graduate, and how to set your own professional networking framework. They also have regular guest hosts and interviews with leading professionals (“today’s most inspiring accountants”) where you can learn details about how they turned their passion into lasting career success.

Our favourite episodes:

  • 20+ Non-Traditional Accounting Jobs
  • Inside the Mind of an Accounting Firm Recruiter

2. Accounting Best Practices with Steve Bragg

Professional Business Accountant Steve Bragg’s tips and tricks make up some of the most popular Accounting podcasts on the web. With over 2.5 million downloads Accounting Best Practices offers students in Accounting Programs insight into professional industry standards. If you choose to study Accounting, you can take Steve along with you and prepare to succeed in your career just by listening while you run errands or commute around your city.

Additionally, you can email the show with your own Accounting student questions, and genuinely enthusiastic hosts offer you meaningful advice and support that “positions you for the career of your dreams!”

Our favourite episodes:

  • 194 – The CFO Career Path
  • 180 – Training and Motivation

3. The ACCA Podcast for Accounting Students

The ACCA is the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants, a global body that certifies Professionals in Accounting, Finance, and Management. Its Student Accountant podcasts offer study aides for those in Accounting Programs who hope someday to become Certified Professional Business Accountants.

According to ACCA:

“These educational podcasts offer an in-depth exploration of a range of subjects relevant to the ACCA qualification. Areas covered include risk, governance, ethics, audit, Human Resource Management, strategy, Environmental Accounting and many more.”

Our favourite episodes:

  • Paper P1 – Digest the News (2022 FIFA Bribery Scandal)
  • Paper F6 – Gaining the Harder Marks

With the right training and a vested interest in Accounting that extends beyond your studies and into your earbuds, a successful Accounting career is yours for the taking!

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