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4 Reasons to Pursue a Career in Accounting
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4 Reasons to Pursue a Career in Accounting

Are you looking for a career transition that will open the doors to countless new opportunities? Pursuing training in Accounting and Payroll could be the change that you’re looking for. Contrary to popular belief, a career in Accounting is far from boring, with a whole host of dynamic roles available to qualified professionals. Accounting and Payroll Professionals are vital in almost every industry, meaning that there’s not only strong demand and job stability but also a range of interesting career paths and opportunities for advancement to explore. What’s more, you can build the skills necessary to work in Accounting and Payroll in just a matter of months! 

The moment when you make the decision to pursue Accounting training, you’ll discover just how many advantages there are to entering this industry. Below, discover four reasons why you’ll want to train for a career in Accounting and Payroll. 

1. Those with Accounting Training Are In-Demand

If you’re interested in entering an industry with high job stability, you’ll be happy to know that careers in Accounting are in high demand. In order to manage their finances, employee pay, and more, every business or organization requires the expertise of a professional with accounting training, making this a stable career path. Whatever organization you choose to work for, be it a large corporation, small business, non-profit, or another type of company, your skills will always be valuable, making Accounting and Payroll a great choice for those with the goal of landing a stable job.

After Accounting training, you’ll be in high demand

2. Accounting and Payroll Is a Dynamic Field

Not only are professionals with Accounting training in high demand, but they’re also at an advantage from the get-go, with the ability to choose from a variety of industries to work in and specializations to pursue. You could become an expert in payroll administration, specialize in taxes, or focus on building the skills to manage the financial operations for nonprofit organizations. No matter what you choose, there are countless opportunities for growth within the Accounting industry. As you become more experienced, you’ll have the ability to discern what you’re truly passionate about, and pursue your interests within the field.

3. You’re Always Learning

The Accounting and Payroll industry is an ever-evolving one. When you embark upon a career as an Accounting and Payroll Professional, you’ll be maintaining awareness of new regulations, new software programs, and new workflows, requiring you to be constantly learning on the job. While this can be challenging at times, it means that there are always opportunities to acquire new skills within the field, making this career path an engaging and exciting one.

4. Train for a Career in a Short Amount of Time

When you choose to enroll in an Accounting course at the Academy of Learning, you’ll be able to transition into a new career path in just a matter of months. At AOLCC, you can earn a diploma in Computerized Accounting or Accounting Assistant, or a certificate in Business Accounting – all in less than a year! 

As you graduate with the skills necessary to start working right away, you can rest assured that training for an accounting and payroll career will lead to many exciting opportunities. What’s more, if you complete your accounting training at the Academy of Learning, you’re likely to land a higher paying job, as AOLCC graduates earn, on average, 60% more than the minimum wage.

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