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4 Useful Web Design Tips for College Students
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4 Useful Web Design Tips for College Students

The first website launched in 1991 and provided basic information on what was being called the World Wide Web project. Now, remedy that project has expanded to include almost 1 billion websites. Imagine how many web designers it took to create such a vast network! If you’re interested in tapping into this rewarding field, what is ed the right web design college that can help you begin your new career? But, site if you want to get a head start on your studies, here are four helpful web design tips to keep in mind when designing websites.

1. Use the Client’s Logo Often

As you begin your studies, the helpful instructors at Academy of Learning Career College (AOLCC) will help you learn the ins and outs of creating a user-friendly website. One top tip they user-friendly is to use a client’s logo often throughout a company’s website. A client’s logo is an invaluable piece of branding and should mark every single page of the website. You can even have it operate as a ‘button’ that can be clicked on to take a user back to the website’s homepage.

2. Keep it Simple

With just under 1 billion websites currently online, imagine how many images there are! The internet is overflowing with images, but your webpage doesn’t have to be. Maintaining a clean and sleek website is very important in order to ensure users don’t feel overwhelmed and end up abandoning your site. When it comes to web design tips, try checking out the professional websites of big brands like BMW, Coca-Cola, and Apple to discover how the best web developers in the world create websites that are minimal and effective.

Web designers looking to a company’s logo for colour palette inspiration

3. Color is Crucial

Many artists will choose their colours before beginning a painting; this is called choosing a ‘palette.’ Pablo Picasso explained that “Colours, like features, follow the changes of the emotions.” Before beginning a website, web designers need to choose a colour that conveys the image and emotion of the client’s brand. A good place to start is taking a peek at the company’s logo and branding strategy. The logo may have a colour palette to work with already, but if not, try experimenting with different combinations. Make sure your pallet represents what you want the user to feel. For instance, blue is used to convey trust and yellow for optimism.

As you complete your courses at a web design college like AOLCC, you’ll even have an entire course on color theory so that you feel equipped to use color to its full advantage in your designs.

4. Short Paragraphs Keep Readers Engaged

There were hundreds of laptops on the market when Apple launched the MacBook Pro—so why the great success? Some chalk it up to calculated minimalism.

The drive toward simplicity is a top priority for Apple and those in web designer training, as they learn to keep paragraphs short and to the point. Navigating a website is often still complicated for some people, so keeping information concise is important to keep users browsing. Clutter and complexity in paragraphs kill user interest and lead to confusion. By keeping the writing on your websites short and easy to read, you’ll encourage readers to keep coming back for more.

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