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A Day in the Life of a PC Support Specialist
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A Day in the Life of a PC Support Specialist

If you love working with technology, and you like helping people, you’ll be a great fit for a career as a PC Support Specialist. In the technology-reliant environment of today, skilled PC Support Specialists are in high demand, as any organization using a computer network will inevitably require their assistance. 

PC Support Specialists are professionals who are trained in technical support, using their knowledge of computer software and hardware to troubleshoot various issues, assemble computers, and perform other tasks as a member of an organization’s management team. The moment you complete your PC Support Specialist training at the Academy of Learning and gain your industry certification, you’ll be prepared with the hands-on experience and knowledge to launch a successful career. 

Below, get a better idea of this role by exploring some skills and responsibilities of PC Support Specialists, as well as what a typical day on the job could look like. 

How a PC Support Specialist Spends Their Day

PC Support Specialists perform a variety of tasks on a day-to-day basis, ensuring that company computers remain up-to-date, secure, and efficient. When they get to the office in the morning, a PC Support Specialist might take a few moments to run a general scan of the company computers, checking for viruses, spam, or spyware. If any issues were found during the scan, a PC Support Specialist might move on to troubleshooting, repairing issues related to new software updates or upgrades which were installed the night before. 

In the afternoon, graduates of PC Support Specialist courses may begin setting up networks and wireless modems, as requested by the organization they work for. This process will involve some additional software installation, as well as ensuring that computers are operating at the optimal speed and performance before the process is complete.

Before going home for the day, these professionals might remove any unnecessary software in preparation for the installation of new updates. Lastly, PC Support Specialists will set up some data backups to run overnight, and install any necessary updates, firewalls, or software in order to prepare the PCs for the next day. 

A PC Support Specialist might run a few software updates before heading home for the day

Weekly and Monthly Responsibilities

While professionals with PC Support Specialist training may monitor the performance of computer systems on a daily basis, there are also a few tasks that they’ll conduct either weekly or monthly. Every so often, PC Support Specialists might call a meeting with employees of the organization. This meeting will be used to go over the new requirements, updates, and features of any new systems which have been installed, keeping staff informed on the most effective ways to utilize their computers and take advantage of the latest software. 

Additionally, PC Support Specialists may attend seminars or conferences, where they’ll learn more about industry updates and new hardware or software. They’ll bring this knowledge back to the office, optimizing the computer systems they work with to keep them up to date.

Skills Needed by Successful PC Support Specialists

In order to excel in the responsibilities that PC Support Specialists handle daily, weekly and monthly, there are a few key skills these professionals possess. Those in a PC Support Specialist career are excellent communicators, as they must be able to speak with staff about any issues they’re having with their computers, understand user requirements, and convey information about new software updates to teams. PC Support Specialists also must possess strong attention to detail and critical thinking skills, as they identify problems, develop solutions, and restore the proper functioning of the system. If this career path sounds like a good fit for you, consider training at the Academy of Learning today!

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