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Adobe Dreamweaver: A Guide for Web Design Career
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Adobe Dreamweaver: A Guide for Web Design Career

A Website Designer creates, edits, and codes websites for a variety of clients or organizations. With their skills, they’re able to create appealing designs, customize web pages, and upload websites onto servers. When creating a website, Web Designers work to meet certain specifications, including colour, font, style, and more. Once a mock-up of their proposed design is approved, Web Designers will proceed to make the site fully functional through coding and creating the website’s tabs, pages, controls, and buttons. These skills are crucial for Web Design careers. 

After completing a Web Design program, students will know how to use key website-building technologies, including HTML and CSS. They’ll also gain experience using WordPress while learning how to design and implement websites that work for all devices. At the Academy of Learning Career College, our Web Design program contains two courses in Adobe Dreamweaver, a software that facilitates the creation and publishing of websites. Below, get a head start on your Web Design training by learning more about what Dreamweaver can be used for.

Students in Web Design courses will learn how to code with Dreamweaver

Work Efficiently and Accurately with Dreamweaver

Adobe developed its Dreamweaver program to be accessible both for advanced and novice web designers. Using a point-and-click method, Dreamweaver facilitates the design of both simple and more complex websites. When using Dreamweaver for the design process, you’ll have the opportunity to select different views for pages, painting a more comprehensive picture of how a design will look and function. 

For one, Dreamweaver has the option of a code view, which shows the HTML page, and a design view which highlights how the web page will appear in other browsers. There is also a split view, which allows designers to see both the code and design view simultaneously. The views are updated while changes are made, helping Designers to see the immediate impact of any updates. During Web Design courses at AOLCC Winnipeg, you’ll learn how to use these views to your advantage, in addition to creating layouts by manipulating colours, typography, and page juxtaposition.

Create Consistent Web Pages During Web Design Careers

One of the biggest advantages of using Dreamweaver for Web Design is that it comes with the ability to create templates for web pages. During Web Design careers, this feature comes in handy for building websites with pages that are consistent in design. Users may create original templates, or use the ready-made templates available through Dreamweaver. This feature has the potential to reduce the workload for designers while creating a more streamlined appearance for websites. In AOLCC’s Web Design program, students will learn how to take advantage of templates to fulfill client requests and produce consistent web designs with ease.

Customize the Software to your Liking

Another benefit of Dreamweaver is that it offers a customizable workspace. This means that graduates of Web Design College can move, adjust, and resize different panels and windows with ease. Examples of panels and windows include Swatches, Styles, Histogram, Info, and more. Depending on the project, you can alter the proximity of panels that you have access to in order to make the design process more efficient. Among the customization options, Designers are also able to change a number of different General preference settings to suit their needs. This may include adding different keyboard shortcuts, changing automatic formatting, or other options which make the platform adaptable to each and every user. 

If you’re interested in a Web Design career, your ability to navigate Dreamweaver will help you to create intuitive, innovative websites without compromising on accuracy and efficiency. Get ready to learn all about it in a Web Design program!

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