Adobe Illustrator Basics

Web Design
Course Aim
To provide the student with a thorough understanding on how to build Web sites using the Illustrator design tool.
Of Interest To
Those interested in pursuing a career in graphic or Web Design.
Method of Delivery
Online Learning supported by qualified College Facilitators or Online Instructors.

Course Introduction

Adobe Illustrator is a powerful and versatile
tool for creating illustrations, logos, and
graphics for print and the Web. In this course,
students will learn important menus, tools, and
panels, then explore selection tools, drawing
tools, layers, the Pen tool (a lesson unto itself)
as well as transformations/distortions, Type
tools, and modifying paths and shapes. Hands-on class projects include a robot, a CD cover,
photo tracing, a postcard, a bus ad, and a
visual identity design.

Course Prerequisite(s)


Course Notes

A Student Guide is provided for this course.
Evaluation is based solely on an Academy of
Learning final exam. Prior to taking the final
exam, students must successfully complete all
the components of the online course material.
Participants who receive 75% or higher on their
exam will receive a certificate.

Course Breakdown

Lesson 1:
Getting to know Illustrator; The Illustrator
Workspace; The Shape Tools; Selecting and
Arranging Shapes; Working with Strokes and
Color; Using Color; Gradients; Navigating,
Viewing, and Saving Artwork

Lesson 2:
Advanced Selection, Organizing, and Painting;
Selecting Directly; Working with Multiple Objects;
Drawing Aids; Freeform Drawing Tools; Easy
Erasing; Live Paint; Layers

Lesson 3:
Transformations and Distortions; Transforming
and Distorting Objects; The Transform Panel

Lesson 4:
Of Path and Pen Tools; A Pen Tool Overview;
Points and Paths; Cutting, Carving, and Dividing

Lesson 5:
Working with Type; Exploring the Type Tools

Lesson 6:
Modifying and Combining Objects; Alignment and
Distribution; Shape Building Tools and
Commands; Additional Methods of Object