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Advancement Opportunities After Community Service Programs
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Advancement Opportunities After Community Service Programs

Community Service Workers have the unique privilege of making a real impact on the lives of others. As satisfying as Community Service Work is, it’s completely normal to feel as though you want more from your career. Luckily, Social Work offers the ability to make a difference in parts of the community that are often marginalized or underserved; for example, those of lower socioeconomic status, those transitioning back into civilian life after the military, those struggling with mental health, and many more. Not only are there plenty of subfields under the umbrella of Community Service Work but there are also many opportunities for career advancement after training. 

If you’re a future Community Service Worker with an ambitious streak, you might enjoy exploring these opportunities for advancement. 

Take the Lead as a Community Service Manager 

If leadership roles appeal to you, consider Social Work Administration or becoming a Community Service Manager. This career path is ideal if you see yourself making a difference from the top down. Your responsibilities would include supervising various community programs and even setting policies that are in the best interest of community members. These policies might measure the performance of social programs, ensure that the agencies implementing them are running efficiently, and develop budgets. You may also be in charge of hiring other Community Services Workers, or marking experience through an M.S.W or M.B.A is often preferred. Working in the field after one of our Community Service programs is a great way to gain the experience you need to lead positive change confidently.

Explore the Healthcare Field After Community Service and Addictions Worker Training

Many career seekers want to experience the healthcare field in a non-traditional sense, where the focus is not necessarily curing the disease but rather aiding transitions into new ways of life. That could mean helping patients develop strategies to cope with an illness or helping with logistics like placement in care facilities. Does this interest you? If so, you might be perfect for medical social work after gaining experience in the field and completing Community Service and Addictions Worker training

Medical Social Work is an excellent choice for those who have gained field experience after Community Service programs

These professionals are largely responsible for supporting individuals and families in healthcare settings, carrying out duties like helping clients navigate the medical system, and helping them overcome the mental health struggles that come with health crises. This career path requires a Bachelor’s degree in social work, a Master’s degree, field experience, and the licensing process. 

Make a Positive Impact on Young People as a School Counsellor 

Working with the youth of your community brings a unique sense of satisfaction as you work to build a more positive future for them. If you want to help provide stability and hope in an often confusing and turbulent stage of life, becoming a school counsellor is an excellent career path for you. You would work with children individually or in small groups according to their needs. You’ll likely find yourself consulting with parents and school staff about emotional difficulties in students that may be holding them back from reaching their full potential. At the same time, you’ll find age-appropriate interventions to help children overcome these difficulties. A Master’s degree is required for this line of work. If you’re exploring Career Colleges in Winnipeg, the community service worker program at AOLCC is an excellent introduction to this rewarding field. 

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