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Career College Online? Why AOLCC’s Virtual Learning System Works
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Career College Online? Why AOLCC’s Virtual Learning System Works

Ever since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, many schools have shifted to online platforms to teach students due to safety concerns and physical distancing requirements. For plenty of institutions, the shift was abrupt, leading some students to become skeptical of the benefits of online learning in comparison to an in-person experience. However, at the Academy of Learning Career College, online learning has long been a great option for students seeking a more flexible, controlled learning experience. With the development of the Integrated Learning System (ILS)—AOLCC’s e-learning technology—students have been able to accomplish their goals by taking Career College Programs online for years.

The moment you become employed in your field of interest following virtual training at AOLCC is when you’ll truly appreciate the decision you made to pursue online courses. Read on to discover why AOLCC’s Virtual Learning System works, and how you can become job-ready from the safety of your own home!

With COVID-19, Virtual Learning Offers Students a Safe and Convenient Way to Learn

When COVID-19 prevented students from attending class in-person, there was plenty of concern that the quality of their education would suffer as a result. However, for schools like AOLCC that were already equipped with e-learning technology, the benefits of online learning have become clear over the course of the pandemic. Taking Career College Programs online allows students to work from the safety of their own homes, without sacrificing the quality of their learning experience. 

Taking career college programs online offers students an effective way to learn from the safety of their own homes

AOLCC’s Integrated Learning System is enhanced by technology which creates a virtual classroom experience. For instructor-led programs, students have access to videoconferencing tools such as Google Meet, giving them access to a classroom environment without the need to relocate to a physical classroom. Not only is this online learning a safer option considering the pandemic’s impact, but it’s a practical and sustainable way to learn.

Taking Online Programs Allows You to Learn at Your Own Pace

Not every student learns at the same pace. However, in an in-person classroom environment, it can be difficult to take into account the needs of each student. Some may struggle to keep up with the material, while others find themselves held back by the pace of the course. With AOLCC’s Integrated Learning System, students have the opportunity to take control of their own learning. The ILS is self-paced, meaning that students can pause their studies whenever necessary, and resume them when they’re ready. 

Additionally, the ILS allows Career College students a greater amount of flexibility. Students can create their own personalized schedules to best suit their needs and commitments, making it easier to achieve a school-life balance. Online learning empowers students to learn in a way that works for them, making it a great option for those who prefer to take control over their learning experience.

With Online Learning at AOLCC, You’ll Become Job-Ready Just as Easily

Concerned that you won’t achieve the same results with online learning as you would with an in-person program? Not only does AOLCC’s Integrated Learning System facilitate a multi-sensory, hands-on learning experience—but students also have access to personalized support from a Learning Coach at all times. 

Using the Integrated Learning System means that content is delivered in a variety of ways, including media presentations, workbooks, hands-on exercises, and competency-based exams. Throughout the course, a Learning Coach is always available to provide guidance, answer questions, and help students develop effective study habits to build the professionals skills they’ll use in their careers. This engaged approach to online learning means that students can become job-ready just as easily as they would in an in-person environment—graduating from their program with the qualifications necessary to be employable.  

Online learning is easy with AOLCC, the largest network of career colleges in Canada. With campuses already prepared to deliver course content through online platforms before the pandemic, AOLCC is committed to helping students achieve their goals through online learning. Are you ready to train in the career path of your interest virtually?

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