Fundamentals of Insurance

Course Aim
To introduce insurance concepts and prepare students for the Level 1 Insurance License exam through the local Provincial Insurance Council.
Of Interest To
Those interested in being employed as a professional in the insurance industry
Method of Delivery
Integrated Learning™ System training facilitated by Academy of Learning Career College facilitators.

Course Introduction

The Fundamentals of Insurance course prepares students to write their Level 1 Provincial Licensing examination. They will be familiarized with insurance vocabulary, requirements of insurance licensing, ethics, and professionalism. Comparisons of coverages and exclusions for various automobile, homeowners, commercial, and accident and sickness policies are investigated. This course provides the basis for anyone requiring knowledge to enter the insurance industry. Students learn about insurance through policy interpretation. The course presents the concepts and practices used by Insurance Professionals in areas such as sales, service, marketing, claims, and underwriting. Questions and study checklists are included at the end of each chapter, with four section reviews and ten quizzes interspersed throughout the lessons to reinforce the concepts covered and to help students measure their progress.

Course Prerequisites


Course Notes

Course manual provided for on-going reference. There is a final exam upon completion of the course. Participants who receive a minimum of 75% as a final mark on this course will receive a certificate.

Course Breakdown

Lesson 1: Introduction

Lesson 2: Introduction to General Insurance

Lesson 3: Insurance Contracts

Lesson 4: The Role of Government in the Insurance Industry

Lesson 5: The Insurance Process

Lesson 6: Regulation of Brokers

Lesson 7: General Section Review

Lesson 8: Property Insurance Policies

Lesson 9: Personal Property (Habitational) Insurance

Lesson 10: Co-Insurance Clause

Lesson 11: Property Insurance Review

Lesson 12: Commercial Property Liabilities

Lesson 13: Principles of Legal Liability

Lesson 14: Introduction to Liability Insurance

Lesson 15: Liability Insurance Policies

Lesson 16: Liability Review

Lesson 17: Accident and Sickness Insurance

Lesson 18: Introduction to Automobile Insurance

Lesson 19: Automobile Insurance–The Policy

Lesson 20: Automobile Insurance–Statutory Conditions and Endorsements

Lesson 21: Automobile Review

Lesson 22: Final Review

Lesson 23: Final Exam Review