Healing Basics

Course Aim
Students gain comprehensive knowledge of health conditions and their healing during treatments within the Health Care Aide (HCA) industry.
Of Interest To
Those actively pursuing Health Care Aide training as part of their life-long career journey, and to provide the opportunity for students to develop the skills required to provide personal support services to clients and their families, and residents in the community, at home, and in long-term care facilities and institutions.
Method of Delivery
Integrated Learning™ System Plus training facilitated by Academy of Learning Career College facilitators.

Course Introduction

Healing Basics introduces students to work settings, responsibilities, importance of a safe workplace, accident risk measures, prevention of infection and infection control, abuse, and how to promote a safe, comfortable, and relaxed sense of well-being. This course includes supervised laboratory experiences that will assist the student to integrate theory to develop care-giver skills that maintain and promote the comfort, safety, and independence of individuals in community and facility contexts. This course consists of 15 days (75 hours) of daily, participatory learning sessions.

Course Prerequisites

Completion of Physiology and Development.

Course Notes

Students are supplied with text books for ongoing reference. In addition to daily quizzes, presentations, individual and group projects, and chapter exams, there is a final exam upon completion of the course. Students must achieve a mark of 75% to successfully complete the course.

Course Breakdown

Common Diseases and Conditions: Describing cancer and its treatment. Discussing common cardiovascular, respiratory, and neurologic disorders, and identifying the cause and effects of brain and spinal injury

Safety: Identifying measures to prevent falls, poisoning, suffocation, and burns, and listing the four steps to reporting a workplace injury, as identified by the Workplace Safety Insurance Board (WSIB)

Preventing Infection: Distinguishing between pathogens and nonpathogens, and listing the signs and symptoms of infection

Abuse: Identifying the legal act that is meant to protect all Canadians, new immigrants, and visitors from abuse, and describing the different types of abuse

Promoting Client Well-Being: Describing how to promote well-being during the admission, transfer, and discharge procedures, and describing why comfort is important