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How to Improve Your English Fluency and Boost Your Career
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How to Improve Your English Fluency and Boost Your Career

Language learning is a journey that can take you down many interesting and fulfilling paths. One potential result of improving your English fluency is being able to boost your career. Whether you’re looking for a promotion or you want to apply for a new job, better English skills are often essential.

If you’re dreaming of the moment when you can finally apply for new jobs and earn a better wage, then enrolling in English classes could help you get there. Here’s a look at what improving your English skills can do for your career.

Employees with English Fluency Often Have Higher Incomes

English proficiency has a big impact on earning potential. In fact, a study of immigrants from Asia and Latin America living in California, New York, and Texas found that English proficiency was, along with education, the most important factor for earning a higher wage. Overall, the study found that immigrants who reported being proficient in English earned 20 percent more than those who were not proficient.

The fact that the income boost is so large shows just how important English fluency is for the future of your career. Enrolling in a preparation course to become more proficient in English is, therefore, a worthwhile investment, and can have a big impact on your future.

English proficiency can help you get the jobs that require communicating in English

Improve English Fluency to Increase Your Job Opportunities

Some jobs can be done with just limited English fluency. However, if you really want to expand your opportunities, then improving your English can be very beneficial. Many jobs require you to communicate regularly with clients, customers, and colleagues. If you have difficulty communicating in English, then it can be harder to get these jobs.

Importantly, you need to be able to learn conversational English in order to convince employers of your English skills. During job interviews, many employers will want to see that you can communicate in English with ease. That’s why in your English course you’ll have access to unlimited group classes available at every level and offered at various times throughout the day. These group classes are a great opportunity to improve English fluency by practicing your English with others.

Better English Allows You to Network with Your Colleagues

Building up a social circle of colleagues and other professionals can be very beneficial to your career. This is known as networking. Your network is like your own little community of professionals who can help you find new opportunities. The bigger your network is, the more likely it is that people will think of you for new job openings or promotions.

Being able to communicate in English can be very important in building your network. Of course, to communicate in English-speaking work environments, you need to be able to speak English fluently. By completing an English proficiency assessment and taking an English course, you’ll greatly improve your language skills. This will help you build relationships with work colleagues, grow your network, and build momentum in your career.

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