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In PC Support Specialist Training? Get CompTIA Certified
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In PC Support Specialist Training? Get CompTIA Certified

Today, PC Support is a highly sought-after skill. Not only do most workplaces now complete most of their projects online, but they also utilize SaaS solutions to streamline their workflows. As a PC Support Specialist, you’ll be essential to the operation of organizations requiring help with technical support, troubleshooting software and hardware, and installing new computers and systems. If you’re striving toward a career in PC Support, not only will you benefit from having outstanding problem-solving skills and technical knowledge, but you’ll also need certification in order to prove your capabilities to prospective employers. 

When choosing a training program, it’s important to select one which prepares you to take the CompTIA A+ Certification exam. As the only industry-recognized certification to demonstrate one’s IT support capability, CompTIA A+ is essential for success in launching a career in this field. Below, learn more about the CompTIA A+ Certification, why it’s important and how the Academy of Learning Winnipeg’s PC Support Specialist Program prepares you to earn it.

What is CompTIA A+ Certification? 

CompTIA A+ is considered the industry standard for IT professionals. In fact, it’s the only industry-recognized credential with performance testing which assures employers that candidates can problem-solve and conduct essential IT support. This may be why it appears in more IT job listings than any other credential of its kind. Earning the certification requires you to take two exams, Core 1 and Core 2, which cover a wide variety of skills that reflect the changing landscape of the tech support industry. As a student in PC Support Specialist training, the skills and knowledge you develop throughout your program at the Academy of Learning will prepare you to succeed in these exams and become certified.

Our PC Support Specialist training program will prepare you for CompTIA A+ certification

Is a CompTIA Certification Worth Getting for a PC Support Specialist Career? 

Given its popularity within the industry, some students worry that a CompTIA certification isn’t specialized enough to set them apart from other candidates or progress further in their careers. However, any IT specialist will tell you that the pros far outweigh the perceived cons when it comes to CompTIA certification. How so? Well, many organizations have made CompTIA certification mandatory for certain positions. Thus, deciding not to take the exam could actually halt the advancement of your PC Support Specialist career by keeping high-salary positions out of your reach. The moment when you possess CompTIA A+ certification, you’ll have proof of your performance within the industry, demonstrating to employers your ability to handle a variety of IT support tasks. With this certification, you’ll boost not only your confidence and skills but your employability as well.

How Can We Help You Prepare? 

In preparation for the CompTIA certification, choosing a program with PC Support Specialist courses that align with the exam contents is essential. At the Academy of Learning Winnipeg, our PC Support Specialist program prepares you with an in-depth knowledge of computer hardware and software, giving you all the tools you’ll need to succeed on the CompTIA exams. In addition, you’ll gain practical experience in tackling the real-life IT problems you’ll solve in an office setting. With both industry certification and a strong foundation in the field, you’ll be prepared to enjoy a successful career as a PC Support Specialist.

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