JavaScript for Designers

Web Design
Course Aim
To provide the student with a thorough understanding on how to give Web sites interactivity and added functionality with JavaScript and jQuery.
Of Interest To
Those interested in pursuing a career in graphic or Web design.
Method of Delivery
Online Learning supported by qualified College Facilitators or Online Instructors.

Course Introduction

The JavaScript for Designers course introduces students to the basics of JavaScript programming with techniques aimed at visually oriented designers. Students learn the JavaScript and jQuery needed to add interactive elements such as dynamic image galleries, exciting rollover effects, more usable Web forms, and enhanced navigation to any Web page. To accomplish this, the essentials of JavaScript are covered along with designer-friendly jQuery to make writing JavaScript easier and way more fun. Student will begin with the basics of setup and syntax, then build up to exciting and complex dynamic features.

Course Prerequisites

Photoshop Basics and HTML and CSS Essentials courses or equivalent experience in hand coding HTML and CSS.

Course Notes

A Student Guide is provided for this course. Evaluation is based solely on an Academy of Learning Career College final exam. Prior to taking the final exam, students must successfully complete all the components of the online course material. Participants who receive 75% or higher on their exam will receive a certificate.

Course Breakdown

  • Lesson 1:

JavaScript Basics; What is JavaScript; Adding JavaScript to a Web Page; JavaScript Building Blocks; Working with Variables and Data Types; JavaScript Comments; Requesting Information and Printing It to a Web Page; Troubleshooting JavaScript Programs

  • Lesson 2:

Interacting with a Web Page; Introducing the Document Object Model; Introducing jQuery; Adding Interactivity with Events

  • Lesson 3:

Adding Logic to Your Programs; Conditional Statements; Using Multiple Test Conditions; Writing to a Web Page Using jQuery

  • Lesson 4:

Functions and jQuery Effects; Working with Functions; jQuery Effects

  • Lesson 5:

Navigation and Image Galleries; Opening External Links in a New Window; Removing Elements from a jQuery Selection; Creating Bigger Link Areas; jQuery Plugins; A Plugin-Based Interactive Photo Gallery

  • Lesson 6:

Introducing Ajax; What Is Ajax?; Ajax Basics; Ajax the jQuery Way; Adding Social Media Streaming to a Web Page with an Ajax jQuery Plugin