Payroll Compliance Legislation

Course Aim
To provide students with the payroll-related legislation affecting organizations, as well as the tools to find information and apply that information to different scenarios in relation to individual pay.
Of Interest To
Those interested in moving into the fields of accounting and payroll
Method of Delivery
Integrated Learning™ System training facilitated by Academy of Learning Career College facilitators.

Course Introduction

The Payroll Compliance Legislation course introduces students to payroll compliance responsibilities that affect organizations. This course is designed to provide the payroll student with the theory and knowledge required to:

  • Describe payroll’s objectives and stakeholders
  • Identify an employer/employee relationship
  • Communicate the payroll compliance requirements to various stakeholders
  • Apply federal and provincial legislation to payroll including:
    • the Canada Pension Plan
    • the Employment Insurance Act
    • the Income Tax Act
    • employment standards legislation
    • Workers’ Compensation Acts
    • Québec-specific legislation

The course includes a pre-test to assess the student’s current knowledge in order to develop their study plan, application exercises to apply concepts to real-life situations, chapter quizzes to review the information learned from the printed material and a post-test to evaluate the student’s learning gain.

Course Prerequisites

None, although a thorough understanding of mathematical principles will increase the probability of success in this course.

Course Notes

Course manual provided for on-going reference. There is a final exam upon completion of the course. This course applies towards the CPA’s Payroll Compliance Practitioner (PCP) certification. Successful completion of Payroll Compliance Legislation is dependent on passing the CPA final exam (65%) for this course, and obtaining an overall course mark of 65%.

Course Breakdown

Lesson 1:

Payroll and Its Compliance Environment

Lesson 2:

Federal Legislation

Lesson 3:

Canada Pension Plan and Employment Insurance

Lesson 4:

Income Tax

Lesson 5:

Labour Standards – Employment Standards

Lesson 6:

Labour Standards – Collective Agreements

Lesson 7:

Provincial and Territorial Legislation Outside Québec

Lesson 8:

Québec Legislation

Lesson 9:

Workers’ Compensation