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Qualities of Great Community Service Workers
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Qualities of Great Community Service Workers

There are many qualities that make great Community Service Workers (CSW) and allow them to really excel in their careers once they enter the workforce. Some of these qualities our students naturally display, and others they practice during their studies.

At the Academy of Learning Career College (AOLCC), faculty, staff, and fellow students are here to help you obtain these qualities and refine your skills to become a better communicator and more confident professional. When you pursue a Community Services program at AOLCC, you are choosing a brighter future for yourself and your future clients. Read on to learn more about what qualities make our students great in this role.

Exercising Empathy and Patience in Your New Career

Two commonly prioritized qualities of successful students in Community Service and Addictions Worker training are empathy and patience. Empathy requires students to practice putting themselves in someone else’s shoes to really get an idea of what they could be feeling as they go through their unique situation. Patience comes into play by helping graduates avoid feeling frustrated during their work, such as when a client fails to take their advice, follow their treatment, or present the necessary paperwork.

If you think you possess these qualities, or if you want to acquire them, then a career as a Community Service Worker may be perfect for you. Training from AOLCC offers students a chance to practically apply their new skills through hands-on training. Our CSW program requires participation in a 160-hour placement at an approved CSW facility, preparing students for their careers after program completion. 

Professionalism is another important quality for students to possess, as a career in community support will put students face to face with members of the community who require assistance. Students may encounter members from various backgrounds, which is why our CSW program’s curriculum covers psychology, sociology, family life, mental health, addictions, criminology, at-risk populations, case management, counselling, ethics, business communication, report writing, and government and social services.

Professionalism comes in many forms, and is an important quality for students in Community Service programs to keep in mind

Professionalism in Community Service programs often comes in the form of organization, boundary setting, preparation, and flexibility. The moment when these qualities align with your work is the moment when your professionalism will shine through, allowing you to present yourself on the job in the most reliable way you can.

Thought Patterns for Successful Community Service Workers

Success as a Community Service Worker comes from the possession of certain important qualities and skills, as well as the right mindset. If you want a program that will help increase your self-discipline and self-esteem, then you know that AOLCC will prepare you with the tools you need for your dream career.

Creating healthy thought patterns that help you display your best qualities creates a perfect recipe for effective work as a community service worker. The positive concepts taught in our courses are intended to unleash your potential for growth and creativity, resulting in personal and professional development. With this momentum, you will be able to start your new career with passion and drive for a better future.

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