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Retrain Manitoba Grant Program

Up to $2,500 Per Employee, $75,000 Per Company Available

Academy of Learning has partnered with Economic Development Winnipeg and the Manitoba Chambers of Commerce to support the new Retrain Manitoba initiative.

The initiative originated from $12.5 million provided by the Province of Manitoba for training and professional development and provides eligible Manitoba businesses with a skills development grant program of up to $2,500 per employee (maximum of $75,000 per company) for retraining and upskilling to adapt to the changing needs of businesses as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Academy of Learning Offers Customized Course Plans to Suit Your Employee’s Retraining Needs

Academy of Learning provides leading-edge training customized to meet your needs. We offer vast courses that are crucial for the workforce and that are available right now for upskilling.

We are a trusted training provider in Manitoba and will work with you to clearly define your training requirements and customize solutions to fit your specific needs. Moreover, our courses are accessible through online training with the Integrated Learning™ System (ILS) – a self-directed, multi-sensory learning experience – as the primary method of delivery.

Our process involves three phases for completion:

  1. We will assess what your employee’s specific training requirements for upgrading are
  2. Your employee(s) will be able to access the courses online through the multi-sensory ILS tool
  3. We will be able to evaluate your employees’ progress as needed to ensure high quality of training
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2 Simple Steps to Get Started

If you meet the eligibility criteria, visit the Retrain Manitoba website to review and submit the application before March 31st, 2022 in order to receive up to $2,500 of government funding for each employee (maximum of $75,000 per company).

Contact us

to discuss your immediate and long-term training needs by calling 204-582-9400 or completing the form below