Strategies for Success

Course Aim
To increase the student’s critical thinking capability, as well as his or her flexibility, resiliency, and accountability. In addition, the course is intended to raise the student’s level of confidence and initiative, and to enhance his or her ability to solve problems and have a positive influence on others.
Of Interest To
Those who want to learn how to set and achieve goals for their professional, organizational, and personal development, growth, and success.
Method of Delivery
Online course with a certified facilitator.

Course Introduction

Strategies for Success™ is an educational process designed to expose students to concepts that can significantly change their lives. It teaches persistence and high achievement skills, addressing issues such as returning to school as an adult, fear of success, managing personal challenges while attending school, and making a transition into a successful lifestyle following graduation. The course is designed to improve the student’s learning experience and prepare him or her for personal and professional growth and success. The focus is on increasing the student’s self-discipline and self-esteem. The positive concepts taught in this course are intended to unleash the student’s potential for growth and creativity, resulting in personal and professional development. Humor and practical examples are used to target the primary concerns of adult students. In addition, written exercises, activities, and media provide understanding, acceptance, and reinforcement of the program material.

Course Prerequisites


Course Notes

Course workbook provided for on-going reference. Participants who satisfy all requirements of the course including attendance, participation, assignments, and the final exam will receive a pass.

Course Breakdown

Course Overview: Looking Forward Safely is an introductory unit that prepares the student for higher education

Lesson 1: What’s Holding Me Back? This lesson addresses the issue of careful observation, what pieces of information may not be observed, and why

Lesson 2: Who Am I Listening To? This lesson aims at making the student a skeptical listener

Lesson 3: Lock-on/Lock-out In this lesson, the student is introduced to ways of behaving according to the beliefs held by the self

Lesson 4: My Brain’s Filter System The student discovers the levels of the mind involved in the thought process and what these processes do

Lesson 5: How My Mind Works This lesson discusses the three levels of the mind that work together – conscious, subconscious, and creative subconscious

Lesson 6: Free-Flowing at a New Level In this lesson the student is made aware that behaving differently than the self leads to stress

Lesson 7: Leaning in the Right Direction In this lesson the student learns goal-setting to uncover attitudes s/he may be unaware of

Lesson 8: How My Beliefs are Formed The student is made aware of the process to control negative and self-destructive thoughts

Lesson 9: Building My Self-Image In this lesson the student learns to build a self-image with positive thoughts

Lesson 10: My Future is Up to Me By using self-talk the student learns to change beliefs, and works toward what s/he wants

Lesson 11: I’m Worth It! In this lesson the student learns the importance of building high self-esteem in him/herself, and in others around him/her

Lesson 12: Make the Unfamiliar Familiar This lesson focuses on how a comfort zone can be expanded to make it less restrictive

Lesson 13: The Next Time The student is introduced to developing positive self-talk and setting new performance goals

Lesson 14: Putting Life on a Want-To Restrictive motivation and constructive motivation are discussed in this lesson

Lesson 15: Making the Pictures Match In this lesson the student visualizes goals that are set, and then matches the outside world with the visual of the set goal

Lesson 16: I Can See It! The student learns to creatively release energy from within to accomplish goals

Lesson 17: If It’s to Be, It’s Up to Me In this lesson the student learns ways to put him/herself in the new role that is envisioned

Lesson 18: My Better Future The student learns to grow into the future

Lesson 19: My Goals – My Vision – My Future The student learns to create the way for the future as envisioned

Lesson 20: If I Want It, I Can Create It This lesson teaches the student to develop self-efficacy, and look forward to seeing success

Lesson 21: Rites Of Passage The student learns to be a positive influence in the lives of family, friends, and co-workers