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Tips for Finding Web Design Inspiration
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Tips for Finding Web Design Inspiration

As you study to become a web designer, you’ll find that being able to produce creative designs on a regular basis is key to being effective in this role. The ability to produce work that has both flair and function is something that makes this career both challenging and rewarding. However, delivering web design work on a tight deadline can put some strain on your creative processes.

How can you continue to find inspiration throughout your studies and future career? Here are some effective ways to consistently tap into your talent, and deliver eye-catching results.

Let the Primacy of Purpose Guide You to Better Designs

When it comes to design, adopting functionality as your guiding light can be an effective approach. As you will have learned in your web design courses, websites are primarily used to deliver information or provide a service, and no aspect of the design should impede these priorities. If you find yourself stuck in the design process, prioritizing function can be a simple principle that results in a “light bulb” moment of inspiration.

Many designers believe that asking tough questions is the best way to ensure their websites remain effective. Is the design interfering with function? What information will visitors want to find it quickly? Are there any ways you can make navigation even easier? By asking yourself these important questions, you’ll be able to find inspiring and practical solutions to any challenges you face.

It can be useful to turn to other professionals for inspiration

Consult Your ‘Design Heroes’ During Your Web Design Training Program

It’s a well-known fact that many musicians and artists exist in a zone where constant mutual inspiration takes place. This melting pot of ideas isn’t anything to be ashamed of—it’s where some of the most innovative ideas come from.

The same goes for web design. If you are struggling with a CSS or HTML issue, what color palette to use, or the best typography for a particular website, see the approaches that other professionals used that can help you come up with your own creative solutions. It can be extremely helpful to have a resource bank of well-designed and inspiring work that you can turn to. This can take the form of keeping in touch with designers and established professionals who showcase their work via Twitter, Stack Overflow, Pinterest, and other networks.

You also don’t need to wait until you begin your career to start building up your network. As a student completing web design training, discussing challenges with fellow students while providing mutual feedback can easily spark new creativity. Building a mutually beneficial group can give you plenty of inspiration, both during your studies and for years to come.

Develop a Web Designer’s Eye During Your Career in Web Design

Once you have completed your web design training, you will have attained all the essential skills needed for creating functional, attractive websites. Throughout your training, you may also have developed a designer’s “always-on” eye for design.

Web designers can find inspiration in many different art forms. This includes visual art, architecture, fashion, attractive consumer products, advertising, and much more. By employing the knowledge you gained in your web design courses and opening your eyes to the world of design that we all live in, you will be able to nourish your own instincts for what works. By opening yourself to the impact and subtly of design around you, you can grow your own creative design palette and find inspiration from even the most unlikely sources.

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