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Web Safety and Tips for Administrative Assistant
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Web Safety and Tips for Administrative Assistant

In the digital age, web safety is everything, and being an administrative assistant often requires a lot of online work, whether it is in the form of answering emails, organizing meetings, or keeping your employer’s cloud storage files in order.

With these new technological opportunities also come to many hazards, especially in terms of information security. However, with the right training and a few guiding tips, you can be confident in your ability to act as a web-safe administrative assistant as you embark on your new career. Keep reading to learn of a few ways that you can make web safety a priority.

Use Complex and Diverse Passwords for added Web Safety

Passwords are your first line of defence against unfriendly attackers and information thieves. Unfortunately, for many, passwords are also a place where security guidelines are relaxed. While it may be tempting to use the same password for many of your different logins and accounts or to use something easy to remember like “EmailPassword1,” it is critical to set a secure password. Try using mixed characters, including numbers, capital letters, and special characters, and use different passwords for different logins. If you are having trouble remembering passwords, try an old-fashioned approach and jot them in a paper notebook that you can keep on your person.

Use multiple complex passwords to maintain a secure workplace as an administrative assistant

Keep Your Software Updated

As you will learn when earning your administrative assistant diploma, having the right software can make all the difference to your ability to keep an office running smoothly. However, what is also important to keep in mind is that the version of the software in use is just as important! When you get notifications reminding you to update the program or software you are using, always download the update or contact your IT department for assistance as soon as possible, as these updates may include patches that address vulnerabilities in the program. This is especially important for anti-virus software—if this software is not up-to-date, your whole system could be vulnerable to malicious programs.

Make Sure You Are Using a Secure Connection as You Work Online

Sometimes you cannot control the security of your information with your own passwords or programs, and instead, have to ensure that you are conscious of network security as well. First, when possible, avoid doing important or sensitive work on an unsecured, public Wi-Fi network, as this can leave the information you are transmitting vulnerable to interception. Instead, use your employer’s secure Wi-Fi connection, or suggest that they get one if it is not already in place. Second, make sure you only enter sensitive information on secure websites. If the address begins with “https,” the website is more likely to be secure. However, if it begins with “http,” you should think twice before submitting information that is sensitive or private.

Make sure you are using a secure connection when doing online administration work

Download From Trusted Sources

Finally, after completing your administrative assistant program, make sure you are familiar with the policies in your office, especially when it comes to software usage and downloading. Do not download files or programs from sites with which you are unfamiliar, or that are not approved by your employer. This will reduce the risk of bringing damaging viruses or programs onto your computer, and will increase your employer’s confidence in your commitment to thorough and thoughtful work—both of which will contribute to the success of your career as an administrative assistant.

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