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3 Career College Programs You’ll Love if You Like People
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3 Career College Programs You’ll Love if You Like People

It goes without saying that social people often have an advantage in the world, and the job market is no exception. The ability to communicate and engage with people of different backgrounds and cultures is a great skill to have, opening doors to countless opportunities while broadening one’s perspective. If this sounds like you, discover three different career college programs at AOLCC where you’ll be able to use your social skills for good.

If you’re wondering how you can make the best use of your qualities as a people person, you’ll be happy to know that there are a number of different jobs which could be perfect for you. Interpersonal skills are needed in a wide variety of career paths, from the healthcare industry to the business sector. The moment when you start training for a career that enables you to work with people, you’ll be able to make a living doing what you love. 

Want to Help Others? Become a Health Care Aide

When it comes to finding the right career path, you might consider applying your social skills to the healthcare industry. If you’re a naturally empathetic person and caring for others comes easily to you, training to become a Health Care Aide could be a rewarding option. During the Health Care Aide Diploma program at AOLCC, you’ll develop the qualifications necessary to assist nurses in performing various forms of care for the elderly, chronically ill, or those with mental or physical disabilities. 

Working in either the homes of patients, long-term care homes, or assisted living facilities, you’ll use your people skills to communicate with patients, determine their needs, and give them the attention and care that they deserve. Your interpersonal capabilities will not only be important in developing effective relationships with patients, but they’ll also be essential for the happiness of everyone involved in the provision of care.

Consider a Career College Program as a Health Care Aide if you love helping other people

A Medical Office Assistant Program Could be Right for You

Another potential opportunity within the healthcare industry? A Medical Office Assistant career is ideal for anyone who loves interacting with a variety of people on a typical day. Medical Office Assistants are vital team members within many different types of healthcare practices, including physician’s offices, lab and x-ray clinics, hospital admitting departments, walk-in care centers, and more. 

After completing their training through their career college program, Medical Office Assistants are qualified to perform a number of duties within medical offices, including booking and coordinating patient appointments, conducting office correspondence, welcoming patients into the office, and more. If you’re interested in interacting with multiple patients and colleagues on a daily basis, a Medical Office Assistant program could be the perfect fit.

Support People as a Community Service Worker

One of the most challenging yet rewarding ways you can use your people skills for good is by becoming a Community Service Worker. Community Service Workers work with clients to remedy a variety of social and personal problems, working in group homes, shelters, mental health agencies, youth protection services, hospitals, government agencies, and a variety of other organizations to provide support to clients. The caring nature and strong interpersonal skills of these professionals help them to connect their clients with the resources they need, mitigating harm and helping them to lead better lives. If you’re passionate about providing forms of relief to communities and individuals in need, a Community Service Worker program at AOLCC’s career colleges could be right for you. 

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