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3 WordPress Facts for Web Designers
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3 WordPress Facts for Web Designers

If you’re interested in a career as a web designer, it pays to know about WordPress. WordPress is a popular content management system (CMS), which helps users create websites full of images, videos, and other interesting content. Professionals around the world rely on WordPress to run websites for businesses and organizations both big and small. In fact, many successful designers work extensively with WordPress during their careers.

Want to learn a little more about the WordPress platform? Here are a few interesting facts you might like to know.

1. WordPress Is Everywhere

WordPress is used for many purposes, and by many professionals. In fact, it’s the most popular CMS in the world, hosting several million websites and blogs—everything from personal sites to pages owned by enormous companies like Microsoft, The New York Times, Sony, and others.

One of the reasons why many choose to run their websites on WordPress is that it simplifies editing existing pages, adding new posts, and including multimedia like photos, videos, and other resources wherever they like. Often, people will hire professionals to design WordPress sites for them just for this convenience. By learning WordPress development through courses for web designers, you can develop the hands-on skills needed to work with these potential clients, and set yourself up to design sites on one of the most popular platforms in the world.

2. There Are Online Marketplaces for Web Designers to Sell Specially Made WordPress Themes

When studying web design, you will learn all about WordPress themes, as well as how to create your very own. A theme takes care of the visual layout of a WordPress site. This can help you design attractive sites for clients who want a website with a CMS. If you’re entrepreneurial, you can also use your skills to set up your own business selling themes on an online marketplace.

There are multiple websites on which web designers can make profiles and sell their own designs for WordPress themes. Customers are often willing to pay good money for an eye-catching WordPress theme, and this can provide you with a nice opportunity to make extra income. Good design only needs to be worked on once and can get dozens of downloads, or more. In other words, not only can training to become a web designer set you up for a rewarding career, but you can also use your design skills to boost your income even further by creating WordPress themes.

Ambitious web designers can sell WordPress themes in online marketplaces

3. WordPress’ Community Offers Troubleshooting Advice

Occasionally, something will go wrong with a website. A feature might stop working, a design element may do something unintended, or some other issue might arise. With regular websites, it can sometimes be frustrating to fix these problems, as it can involve digging into computer code or other complicated work. WordPress has a dedicated community of enthusiastic users, though, and many of these individuals have shared the solutions to problems they have encountered throughout their time working with WordPress. This can make correcting a design issue a lot simpler for a WordPress site. For those rare occasions where you are stumped, you can take comfort in knowing that someone else has probably shared a solution to your problem on WordPress’s online community.

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