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Launch, Train, and Secure a New Career with AOLCC
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Launch, Train, and Secure a New Career with AOLCC

In today’s economy, it’s more important than ever that education serves as a pathway to a career—and there’s never been a better time to consider training for a career with the Academy of Learning Career College. AOLCC’s network of institutions across Manitoba is focused on preparing students for their future careers. This specialized preparation starts from the minute they start a program, to the moment they land their dream job in their field. 

If you’re considering whether a career college program at AOLCC is right for you, read on to discover how career training leads to employment, and what sets AOLCC apart from the rest.

Why Career College Training Leads to Employment

Unlike a traditional four-year university education, which equips students with a more theoretical knowledge base, career college training gets students job-ready in a matter of months. The difference? Career College Programs focus on preparing students for a career with hands-on training and practical knowledge. With career training, you’ll learn relevant skills that you’ll actually use on the job, enabling you to easily transition into your industry. 

As an example, within AOLCC’s Health Care Aide program, students gain clinical placement experience in addition to practical and theoretical knowledge, preparing them for a career in their field upon graduation.

Employers also recognize the benefits of career training. When applying for jobs, they’ll see that you have the qualifications necessary to succeed at their organization, rather than worrying about whether you’ll be able to adapt to the hands-on aspects of the role. Career College equips you with that job-ready level of practical experience, placing you at an advantage over those who have theoretical knowledge only. Not only will this make the job application process easier, but your skills will also make you feel confident on the job from day one once you start working. 

Career training prepares students with skills they’ll use in their future career

AOLCC Job Placement Rate Sets It Apart from the Rest

Not only are AOLCC’s programs targeted toward preparing students for specific careers, but AOLCC’s job placement rate reflects the success that our graduates have to find employment. 

Across campuses, AOLCC’s average job placement rate stands at 87%. This number shows that AOLCC’s programs effectively equip students with the relevant skills and qualifications they’ll need to succeed in today’s job market. At AOLCC, students also benefit from multiple career support services such as resume training, practicum studies, and student support services. The moment when you begin training for a career with AOLCC, you can rest assured that you’ll have a smooth transition into your future job.

Other Benefits of Choosing AOLCC’s Career College Programs

In addition to offering programs that can launch students into successful careers, AOLCC has plenty of other benefits in store for prospective students looking into career colleges in Manitoba. AOLCC offers condensed programs, allowing students to graduate faster and start earning money sooner. Need a more flexible schedule to accommodate your other commitments? We get it. With the Integrated Learning System, students benefit from a flexible schedule and a self-paced, supported, and personalized style of learning with an emphasis on quality. At AOLCC, investing in your education will present you with the professional rewards you deserve for committing to a career-focused program. Launch the pathway to your future and secure a job by starting your training today. 

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