Marketing Administration

Course Aim
To provide a broad understanding of marketing administration functions and marketing communications process.
Of Interest To
Those who are pursuing careers in marketing administration or marketing communications or existing administrative employees who wish to advance their career within a marketing department.
Method of Delivery
Integrated Learning™ System training facilitated by Academy of Learning Career College facilitators.

Course Introduction

The Marketing Administration course provides the opportunity for students to learn the key elements of the communications plan relating to many facets of marketing, including advertising, direct marketing, public relations, experiential marketing, and market research. The course examines the marketing communications planning process, including how programs are developed and executed, the factors and considerations that influence this process, and the role of the Marketing Administrator throughout the process. Students gain insight into how to set goals, objectives, and budgets within the planning process. Students are given the opportunity to practice, apply, and develop marketing administration skills through the completion of hands-on tasks and exercises found throughout each lesson.

Course Prerequisites

An introduction to Marketing & Sales or equivalent knowledge and experience.

Course Notes

Course manual provided for on-going reference. There is a final exam upon completion of the course. Participants who receive 75% or higher on their exam will receive a certificate.

Course Breakdown

Lesson 1: Introduction; The Marketing Administrator; Marketing and the Exchange; The Customer – Your Focus; The Marketing Toolbox, Marketing Mix and the Marketing Administrator

Lesson 2: Integrated Marketing Communications; Everything You Need to Know About Advertising; The Advertising Development Process; Advertising Testing and Tracking

Lesson 3: Customer Relationship Management; Direct Response Channels; Data Driven Communications; Website and Email Marketing; Privacy and Security Online and Offline

Lesson 4: Public Relations Within the Marketing Process; Planning and Implementing a PR Campaign; Is PR Right for Your Brand/Company?

Lesson 5: Sales Promotion – The Types, The Differences; Sales Promotion – The Planning Process; Experiential Marketing

Lesson 6: Introduction to Market Research; Preparing for Market Research; Market Research Tools and Techniques; The Market Research Process

Lesson 7: The Marketing Planning Process; The Marketing Plan; The Situational Analysis

Lab Exercise