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Why JavaScript is Important for Web Designers
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Why JavaScript is Important for Web Designers

To some people, computer programming can be a bit intimidating. Lines of code may look like gibberish, and it takes a bit of study to understand what is going on when computer code is performing functions. So why should web designers learn JavaScript, which is a computer programming language? Why is an eye for visual design and a bit of artistic ability, not enough?

It turns out that there are many reasons why designers will want to add JavaScript to their skillset, and why students should make sure they choose a training program that will let them do so. Here are a few of the main reasons.

It Is Everywhere Online & Offers Useful Features for Design

One of the biggest reasons to learn JavaScript as a designer is that it is found all over the internet. If you were to take a look at the source code of most websites, odds are very good that you would see JavaScript code incorporated.

For designers, JavaScript can be used to achieve some impressive and slick looks, which is a part of why it is so common. Things like preventing elements such as photos, text, and other on-screen objects from overlapping help make JavaScript a top web designer favorite. In addition, it can be used for introducing animation to highlight objects, make them fade in or out of view, and to achieve other dynamic visuals. For students in web design programs who want to be able to create jaw-dropping websites in their careers, knowing how to make cool visual effects through JavaScript is important.

Choose the right training program to make learning JavaScript simpler

It Can Be Easy to Use

Computer programming is a deep and complex discipline, constantly evolving in ways that make it impossible for anyone to know everything about even one programming language, however, is relatively easier to learn. In fact, it’s frequently pointed to as a great starting point for new programmers. For this reason, designers should not be intimidated about learning JavaScript. With a bit of time and effort, they can master JavaScript and use it in their own careers.

When deciding on which web design courses to take, you can make learning JavaScript even easier for yourself by selecting a program that teaches jQuery. jQuery is what is known as a JavaScript library, and offers a streamlined approach to coding that makes it easy to complete functions without needing as much code as traditional JavaScript. For the purposes of design—and for many professional programmers, too—learning a bit of jQuery will be enough to get you primed for a successful career.

Knowing JavaScript can help you impress future employers

Include Programming Improve Your Employability

Because of how useful computer programming is, and because relatively few people know how to do it at a professional level, people who are capable of working with code are in high demand in the workforce. By learning JavaScript, you will be able to position yourself as a versatile and valuable professional that many companies will want to hire.

After completing your training, be sure to include your knowledge of JavaScript in the skills section of your resume, and try to have a website design that includes it in your portfolio. This will help you demonstrate your ability to future employers as you start out on your design career.

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